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Highlighter Pen Wholesale

  • Highlighter Pen is a kind of marking pen which made out in recent years.With the use of a larger and lighter ink coverage,the key parts is marked and which are not blocked text at a glance. Highlighter Pen fluorescence agent,when it encounters an ultraviolet (sunlight, fluorescent lamps, mercury more),it will produce fluorescent effect at a white light, so that the color looks dazzling fluorescent feeling.

  • Fluorescent of highlighter pen  is not the same principle with watches or fluorescent light sticks.light sticks is an internal radioactive reaction, radiation excites the outer periphery of the light-emitting phosphors, so they do not have any UV in night conditions can emit light. The highlighter pen is certain there will fluoresce under ultraviolet light situations, as long as you put it near the handwriting highlighter  pen mosquito lamp, Detector can be seen very clearly.

  • China pen factory is one of the earliest chinese factory produce highlighter pen, but also the strength of the strongest highlighter pen factory China.welcome to wholesale highlighter pen from china pen factory.

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